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1. Gonna Be There
2. Beautiful Thing
3. Can’t Wait
4. All I Want To Say
5. Pretence
6. Better Than This

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His second EP ‘V-Factor’, which he recorded with Sean Carey (Thirsty Merc) in early 2014 at Trackdown Studios in Sydney. It’s a musical maturation on his initial release, with more sophistication and stronger vocals, but maintaining the integrity that makes each song so emotionally compelling.

Gonna Be There, Beautiful Thing, All I Want To Say and Better Than This are tributes to the three women he has loved in his life. Pretence tells the story of the corporate deception behind X-Factor, while Can’t Wait is devoted to his sister after she suffered a tragedy.

Victor was in a rock band at school and university, covering artists such as Nirvana, Guns and Roses, Pearl Jam, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. More recent likings for Jack Johnson and David Gray are also evident in his songs, and are responsible for the mellow elements to them. We’re sure fans of all of those artists will identify with all the songs on the EP.

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