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I’d matched with a girl [let’s call her ‘Samantha’] the day before. We chatted on the phone and agreed to meet up for dinner and drinks that night. She had just gotten back from travelling overseas, and only just recommenced work, meaning she was very low on money. I was happy to pay for the date, as I would have been, anyway.


We talked and had a drink at a new bar in the city centre before going for cuban food. We got on pretty well. She teaches music to children, and so I asked her if she’s like to hear some of my new songs. She said she’d love to.


We got back to my room, and I picked up my guitar and played ‘Don’t Worry’, which she loved. I told her the story behind it- it’s about being in a long distance relationship and reassuring each other that you’ll be together again. She thought it was very sweet. I then played her ‘Don’t Ever Go’, which is actually the same story, but about the pain of separating at the airport each time. She thought it was very deep and sincere. I told her it was my favourite song on the new EP I was about to record.


We talked some more, and then got pretty cosy, when she told me that it was our first date, and she wasn’t ready to be intimate with me. I told her I was cool with that.


“Thanks for respecting me.” She said.

“That’s OK- if you’re not comfortable, you’re not comfortable. I’m not going to pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do” I replied.

“I really appreciate that” she responded.


We talked again, and I played her ‘Beautiful Thing’ from my second EP, ‘V-Factor’, and she was amazed by it. I told her it was my favourite original song of mine.

“I really like your music, Victor- can I have a CD?” she asked.

“CDs are $10 each” I told her.

“But I don’t have $10!” She said.

“Well, then, you can’t have a CD….”

She seemed disappointed, but I’d already paid for dinner and drinks, so I wasn’t about to go giving away free music, which I very rarely do, anyway.

“Would you like a lift home?” I asked her.

“Yes, please” she said.

I put away my guitar and went to open the door for her. As she was about to leave, she said

“I REALLY like your music. I’ll take off my underwear if I can have a CD.”


[and yes- she actually said this]

Are you serious...???

Are you serious…???


I stared at her.


She was serious.


I couldn’t believe it.


“You know what…?” I responded “I value my music much more than that. Keep your underwear on. I’ll keep my CD. I’ll just give you a lift home like we said”


There was no second date.


“Why the Hell did I re-install that app, again…?” I thought to myself afterwards.


Those of you who know me will know that I don’t make these stories up. Not least because you hear the Tinder stories that I DON’T write about…


However, as weird as that was, in probably the strangest possible way, it does say very good things about my new EP. You’ve read the stories, and the songs tell them all. I love each one. My record producer says it’s a maturation of everything I’ve done so far. They’re not all love songs- 2 are about professional tribulations within medicine, and one is about a friend who died earlier this year.


When I recorded ‘Factor This’, I had no expectations. I just wanted something that sounded better than Garageband, and it was awesome beyond my wildest dreams.

When I recorded ‘V-Factor’, I was actually quite nervous because I wasn’t sure that it would be as good as ‘Factor This’. When it turned out awesomely, I just had the feeling of “Phew! Thank God that’s awesome!”.


The new EP is called ‘This Game’. Sean and I expected it to be awesome. I listened to it and thought “Yeah- it’s awesome.”


Even before it was professionally recorded, it was good enough to make someone want to take off their underwear. Now, those of you who know me will know that getting women to take off their underwear isn’t why I got into this. I’m a storyteller. And a pretty good one even if I do say so myself. When I’m on stage, singing my songs, I’m telling a story, and that is one of the best feelings I know. In order to be able to do it more regularly, and on bigger stages, I need to show the music industry that I have something that people enjoy, and are willing to get behind.

This is where, as friends and fans, I need you.

The new CD goes onto the market this week. As I’ve said previously, the first week of sales say to the music industry how much impact your music makes. I’m taking pre-orders, and these orders count towards that first week. You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t like my music, and let’s be honest, the story alone deserves a CD [even if ‘Samantha’ didn’t].

You can actually help me take this somewhere by taking action [that doesn’t involve removing your underwear], and ordering your own copy of ‘This Game’, and as a bonus, I’ll send you an mp3 folder of the original demo recordings, so you can see how each song started, and compare it to the finished product on the EP.


You can order your copy here:


You all know that I’m good enough. I just need to become popular enough for the industry to take me seriously. I’m very sure you’ll love the EP, and if I see you at a show, I’ll tell you without doubt the greatest Tinder story of all time. The one I can’t publish. Ever.




My music will be good for you. And your support will be good for me. Let’s take this somewhere.


And keep our underwear on.


With love [and swiping],




Remember- the EP is available here: