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I can hear the Chili Peppers, the Jack Johnson, the David Gray… so beautiful! – Singing Alive

I love this song- it had me daydreaming! – iTunes

This is going to be HUGE! – Globe Radio






Victor is a british-nigerian talent and former lead singer of the London cover band ‘Leash’, whose recent foray into original music has seen an explosive rise, being featured on FM radio in Australia and the USA. His USA debut single ‘Gonna Be There’ beat Coldplay and Bruno Mars in the charts.

His EP ‘Factor This’, recorded with Sean Carey [Thirsty Merc] has received national and international acclaim, not only for its catchy rhythms, but also its sincere, heartfelt lyrics. His journey from Nirvana and Guns ‘n Roses though to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jack Johnson is clearly evident in his original work, and fans of these artists instantly identify with him.

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