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Hi everyone-
it’s been ages since we spoke normally, but this year has been quite hectic for me. As well as trying to get on with medicine, I’ve been in court getting that stalker off my case. Thankfully, she’s gone now, and normal life can resume. I had my exam yesterday- it was pretty harrowing, but no more so for me than for everyone else. I find out in 6 weeks. Fingers crossed. 
Ages ago, I met up with my record producer, Sean Carey, who is now also one of my best friends. We had a really good talk, and for the first time, I actually walked him through the creation of one of my new songs. I played him the humming on my iPhone, the melody creation, the matching of the chords, and finally the lyrics on top of it all. He was pretty impressed 😀
I’ll be back in the studio recording another EP soon, but as a fan, I thought you might like to hear how the songs start out before Sean and I get to work on them in the studio. There will be 6 songs on this CD, of which here are finished rough demos. As usual, I put them on YouTube and send them to Sean, who then gets thinking about how we can maximise their potential.
Here they are:
People tell me that this one harks back to old school Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It’s about staying in love with someone despite each others flaws.
This one is probably my most Jack Johnson-like effort to date. It’s about being in a long distance relationship, knowing you’re not going to see your partner for a long time, but still hanging on for each other.

This one is actually about the same thing, but from the perspective of the pain of separating, rather than the joy of coming back together:

This one is about my friends mother who died recently:

This one is about the difficulties you can face in a career in emergency medicine.

This one is also about emergency medicine- trying to keep it together when the department is heaving, and having to justify the state of the department to the incoming team.
I hope you enjoy them, and I’ll be in touch when the studio recordings are finished.
You’ll be able to sample them on my website
Speak soon,