Never Learn

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In January 2010, I took a midweek break to Adelaide, just to check it out, as I’d never been there before. I was pleasantly surprised- it was quiet, but friendly, with a decent amount of things to do. I went to the botanical gardens, walked around the city, rode the O-bahn and went on a wine tour. In between, I would go to the gym. the Fitness First in the city centre had a receptionist that I thought was pretty cute- a little tom-boyish, but still cute. We didn’t say much to each other apart from the usual business pleasantries, and I got on with my workout.

On my last night, I went to HQ: one of the main nightclubs. It was student night, so I was feeling a little out of place, but I just went ahead and did what I normally do in any potentially awkward situation: danced. and loved it.

As I was checking out one of the side rooms, a really pretty girl walked past me, waving and smiling. At first  I thought she was weird, but then I realised that it was the receptionist from the gym. I smiled and waved back.

I caught up with her as I was leaving, and we talked for a while. Her name was Tamara. We got on really well, and I told her how pretty I thought she was. She turned bright red, but also smiled. I asked for her number, but she said she was too shy, so I added her on Facebook.

We messaged each other occasionally, and eventually swapped numbers and began texting. Everything about her seemed genuine, and I don’t get that feeling about a girl very often.

About a year later, I was on study leave for a week on the Gold Coast, and thought I would head down to Adelaide for a couple of days. I told her about this, and she agreed to meet up.
As I was at the airport about to check in, I got a Facebook message from her saying that she couldn’t meet because she and her friend had to go look at cars. I didn’t get on the plane, and went to work instead. She apologised profusely, saying that she didn’t realise that I was going to Adelaide just to see her. She really was being genuine in that, as I deliberately never made it clear that that was what I was doing, as I didn’t want to put her under any pressure, or make her think that I was expecting anything from her. We happily stayed in touch.

About 8 months later, we were speaking on the phone quite regularly, and I told her that I had a few days off coming up, and I could come down to Adelaide to see her. She said that would be cool. I booked my flights and a hotel room for the night.
I met her for a coffee just after she finished work, and we talked about what we were going to do for the evening. We made plans, and she said she just had to go home to change and sort some things out, but she’s come back out to meet me. While she was doing that, I got a movie for us to watch, and started making dinner plans, but then I got a message from her saying that she was really tired, and would rather stay in for the night. I asked her if there was nothing she could do, like take a quick nap and then come out, but she said no. I explained that I had come from Sydney just to see her, but it made no difference.

So basically, I went to Adelaide to watch Family Guy and eat indian takeaway by myself.

You never learn, do you, Victor….?

The song.

The words.