(Much) Delayed

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Sunday night.

About a month ago.

I was dancing away by myself, minding my own business. Outrageously attractive blonde comes and stands near me. Ignore her and keep on dancing.

I walk past her on my way out. I say hello. We chat. We actually get on very well. She is a graphic designer from Switzerland, but hasn’t yet got a position in Sydney, so she’s working as an exotic dancer.

We carry on talking. We kiss. We swap numbers and agree to meet up later in the week.

We chat a few times.

It gets to date time.

Me: Have you found a job, yet? I need a rich wife 😉

Her: Well, if you pay me $350 an hour tonight, then sure I’m gonna be rich 🙂

Me: Haha- sure, whatever. We’ll talk about it 😉 See you tonight 🙂

Her: Seriously, I need to know now if you’re going to pay me or not. Otherwise I have to go to work.







My housemates asked me if I was OK, as I was looking a bit spaced out. They thought I was tired from the gym. I said no- I was just stunned.

I scratched my head and asked myself “Does this stuff happen to ANYONE else???”


The search continues.

How is everyone?

I’m so incredibly sorry for the long interval since my last update. Life’s been getting away from me a little bit, and I’m actually on a week of unpaid leave with the specific aim of sorting stuff out. Work has been fairly intense- I’ve been doing courses in Advanced Paediatric Life Support ( who asked me to be an instructor for the third time :)) ), Emergency Ultrasound, and I have Surgical Trauma next week.

The ultrasound course was on the Gold Coast. A sunny resort- type city on the southern edge of Queensland. It’s very beautiful, and I was there for a week. Didn’t leave with a great impression of it. Beach cities tend to breed a very superficial mentality. Everyone wants to look good on the beach, and that’s pretty much all their life focus is. The girls all have the same generic look. The guys are all on steroids (I met one really cool girl there, but I’ll have to wait and see if anything eventuates from that). Sydney is far from immune to this. I sometimes say that Sydney wants to be LA more than Usher wants to be Michael Jackson. But at least Usher admits it. I can honestly say that I have never met so many dumb girls in one place in my entire life.
Even LA.

And that’s saying something.

At least the course went well- I passed it, and can now diagnose internal bleeding with reasonable confidence, as well as performing several other procedures.

All this has been in preparation for my one year of major trauma, which I need to finish my advanced training in emergency medicine. I interviewed for, and got a position at north Sydneys major trauma hospital, so I’ll need to be at my best if I’m not going to crash and burn.

I haven’t done as much acting as last year, but the movie I did in the Blue Mountains got good reviews at the film festival. I still haven’t got the DVD yet, but people are welcome to see it once it arrives.
I did a crime scene re-enactment for a documentary, which was a surreal experience. My training in New York really came in handy here. I had to break and enter a guys house and beat him up, demanding money, with the aid of an accomplice. It was set in the southern US, and all 3 actors were black-british. However, we could all do good american accents. I suddenly felt not very special anymore. The fright coordinator was quite impressed that I knew what in-distance and out-of-distance moves were, and how to safely construct a fight scene. To be beating someone up, and then have the director shout “Cut!”, and then help him to his feet as if nothing had happened felt really strange, but I guess that’s life as a professional.

I’ve really been working on my singing this year, and it’s started to pay off. I’ve got a new teacher, and she’s awesome. I do about 45mins practise a day, and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments from people at karaoke, and one of the crew members from the X-Factor asked me if I wanted to go on the show. I told him I’d think about it. I’ve started doing background music gigs in some of the bars near me, and they actually want to pay me 🙂 My work permit only allows me to work as a doctor, so I actually give the money to charity. I already give to several charities, but my favourite one is UNHCR- the UN refugee crisis agency, who do work in Darfur, so I give the money to them. I don’t think as human beings, we ever learn. After the holocaust, the world said “Never again”. Then there was Cambodia, then Rwanda, then Kosovo. I don’t actually need the money, so I like to feel like I can do something to help those who would otherwise be very easily forgotten.

I still find time to get to salsa- there is a regular salsa night on the beach near me every Thursday, and I sometimes help with the teaching, and I’m editing the music for my performance at the New Zealand salsacongress next year. I really want to make it something special, so I’ll be enlisting Adrians help once more. I’ll be putting it up on Youtube when it’s done.

I was thinking to myself recently, “When was the last time I was bored?” I think it was one of the long Summer holidays at school when I was 14 years old. I think I’m happy that way. Life’s too short. I like to make the most of myself. It’s a little exhausting, and not everything works out, but I learn from everything I do, and I think that makes me a richer person.

But, I did hear from my agent in LA a few weeks ago. You might remember that after the Performing Arts World Championships there 2 years ago, he saw my Shawshank Redemption piece, and asked me if he could represent me. Moving to LA is a huge life decision. It’s a place that I could tolerate if I had to, but I’d need to have a good reason to be there. My main hesitancy came from the fact that whenever I called him, he struggled to remember who I was.I thought it better to stick with medicine and do some acting in Sydney. A girl from that same competition signed up with him, and she seems to be doing OK, so he does seem to be on the level. I was just worried I’d end up, instead of auditioning for The Bourne Identity, being cast for films like The P-



that one’s a little bit obvious, isn’t it?

Until the next time.