John Legend Wants What Type of Success?

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You guessed it right? Or maybe you didn’t, but either way John legend has said in many media interviews that he wants most the success of whom, I would have to say has to be both one of the most loved and hated music artists and rappers on the planet. Yup I am talking about the man whom interrupted Miss Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech at none other than the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, none other than Kanye West. The rapper many in America seem to love to hate as a result of his antics. It shouldn’t be a surprise to all that the man behind the magical piano we call John Legend wants to ultimately have Kanye level success especially since he was after all signed to Mr. Wests Good Music Label imprint where his music got its start initially. What is so appealing about Mr. Kanye West to John Legend other than the fact that he gave John Legend a helping hand with his own career, I am sure is what you might be asking yourself right?  Well according to Mr. John Legend as he said in a prior interview “But Kanye has been a really singular artist that’s made a unique contribution to pop culture, and I respect that and I wouldn’t mind being known for that as well”.

For all wondering what John Legend might mean by referring to Kanye as a “singular artist” in his prior comments, I’ll clear the air by putting this in context, because the politically correct definition of singular is to be “one of a kind” which I know that I would not be alone in saying when stating that “Kanye West” is certainly in his own lane of uniqueness in the entertainment world. I mean Kanye Wests song “Jesus Walks”, should I say more? Because I think I need not. All anyone has to do is look it up if they hadn’t heard it and the controversy he created it with it when released is everywhere. The real question though is how long might someone of Kanye Wests calibre be considered “Singular” in the music world before the next rapper is there to steal his throne and either re-create what significance people have found in his musical works or better yet re-do his own antics better than himself. Who knows the real answer but for those whom do not know John Legend is not John Legends real name but rather a moniker he gained after a poet by the name of John Ivy who heard John Roger Stephens AKA John Legends music and told him quote for quote “I heard your music and it reminds me of that music from the old school.” “You sound like one of the legends; as a matter of fact that’s what I’m going to call you from now on! I’m going to call you John Legend.”

In fact in my books, John Legend for the younger generation has become quite the only moniker we know of being “The man behind the piano”. For this reason it’s no understatement for sure when I say that John Legend has created a unique name for himself through his musical achievements thus there is no need for him to have to follow in Kanye Wests type of success. Legend has created his own success with 9 Grammy awards to his name and several more prestigious achievements to follow.

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