Final Goodbye

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This one is about a friend of mine who sadly passed away recently.P.J is a woman in her late 50s. She had terminal cancer, and I met her and her family at karaoke. She really loved my music and bought both of my previous 2 CDs.

I sang Elton Johns ‘Your Song’ for her one Friday night, and she cried. Then I cried. I nearly couldn’t finish the song. We hugged and everyone was moved.

A few weeks later, she had a relapse of her cancer and came into the ED while I was on duty. I oversaw her treatment and made sure she was as comfortable as possible. I then visited her on the medical ward a few days into her admission, which she really appreciated.

I saw her daughter out at karaoke that weekend, and she thanked me for helping look after her mum, and said she would really appreciate it if I could pay their home a visit and play a song for her. I happily did so, and it was a real pleasure to meet the extended family. They all really enjoyed hearing the music live.

They all came out to karaoke that weekend and I sang some of my original songs for P.J., which again, she really enjoyed.

She appeared to be doing really well with her cancer, but without my knowing, she took a rapid turn for the worse and passed away.

I went to the funeral, where her daughter told me that she buried my CD with her mother because she loved it so much.

Bishan and I were out recently, and we bumped into her son. “You’re the doctor that looked after my mother, aren’t; you?” he asked. “Yes I am” I replied.
“Thank you for everything you did for her. She loved you. You’re a beautiful man.” He hugged me.

Again, I was moved to tears.

“That was really powerful, Victor.” Bishan said. I agreed.

This song is for her. Bishan is playing the lead.

The song:

The lyrics: