Don’t Worry

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Another one about Rachel and I.

We met in Wellington when I had travelled there to play in a 7s tournament, with my team from Invercargill, which is at the bottom of the south island of New Zealand, so for the first year of our relationship, we were in a long distance, north island- south island relationship.

It was hard only seeing each other every few weeks, but we managed. At the end of my first year, I was going back to London for 6 weeks to spend Christmas with my family. She knew that my parents weren’t approving of our relationship, and she was worried that I might not come back.

I asked her if she thought I’d start seeing someone else while I was away. “No- I don’t doubt you at all. I’ve never met anyone like you.” She said.

I’m very emotionally transparent- I’m easy to read. It was pleasing to know that she trusted me to that degree, as it’s difficult to verbally express to someone that you are that trustworthy without giving the impression that you are exactly the opposite.

“Don’t worry.” I told her. And I came back.

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