Can’t Wait

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This one’s really simple.

It’s about my sister, D’lys back in London. She’s a full time singer, which is her dream, after having spent 3 years working in market analysis to our parents great pleasure, but to her misery. She hated it. When she told me she wanted to quit her job and make music full time, I offered to pay half her rent to help her make ends meet. She called me back a month later asking if I was serious about that. I said that I was. She quit her job and put a band together, and I sent her money every month.
She doesn’t have the same disposable income as she did in her office job, but she’s infinitely happier. 
However, last year, she severed her Achilles tendon while playing netball, which needed surgery, and for her to cancel her performances for several months. She put on a brave face, but I imagine it would have been very hard for her, so I wrote her this:
The song: (original draft).

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