Studio recording


A song is an emotional photograph of you at a particular moment in time. Seize the moment. The truth flows better than any fiction (or lies) ever could, so write what’s in your heart. He grew up singing rock music, so that’s how his emotions come through.

Love to sing, dance and act – he was lead singer in London cover band ‘Leash’ while at school and university, but is now finding his own sound.

His EP ‘Factor This’, which he recorded with Sean Carey (Thirsty Merc) hasĀ received nationalĀ and international acclaim, drawing comparisons with Jack Johnson, David Gray, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, not only for its catchy rhythms, but also its sincere, heartfelt lyrics, having received airplay both here and in the USA.
His follow up EP ‘V-Factor’ continues this special theme, and also attracted international acclaim, with the single ‘Gonna Be There’ beating both Coldplay and Bruno Mars in the charts in the USA.

The latest release, ‘This Game’ represents a further musical maturation, with his most diverse and in depth musical arrangements to date.


He thanks you for coming on this musical journey with him.